All the Ratings you never needed to know about Vixabs Ratings

Here are some VIXABS reviews of events of a cultural type that we have viewed in the recent or distant past. Check them out.

The reviews adopt the VARS© scoring method. For more on the VARS© scoring system, please read on.

We have reviews for these (the number displayed after the event is its VARS rating):

VARS© - The VIXABS Amazing Rating System (VARS) is a 5-point rating scale devised to bring back simplicity into the ratings game. Vixabs believe that ratings were originally conceived to enable an easier understanding of the event for potential patrons, and to facilitate a simplified viewing decision making process for the common man. However, this concept has got more complicated over the years and consequently, we find ourselves subjected to a confusing array of scores, complete with sub-arrays, tiny graphics and everything else thatís not so nice. VARS attempts to take the mystery out of ratings. Furthermore, VARS is presented as a decimal fraction, as opposed to a graphical display of completely or partially coloured stars, circles, or other equally confusing shapes.

Remember, on the VARS© scale, the higher the rating, the better it is!

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Good bye Lenin! (4.35/5) The Gipsy Kings (4.95/5) Stomp (4.5/5) The Power of Full Engagement - Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz (3.5/5)
Under The Tuscan Sun (2/5) Ibrahim Ferrer & The Buena Vista Social Club (4.85/5) Umoja - the spirit of togetherness (3.75/5) Stupid Guy Goes To India - Yukichi Yamamatsu (3/5)
The Rolling Stones (4.75/5) Burma Chronicles - Guy Delisle (4/5)
Jagjit Singh (3.5/5) City Adrift: A Short Biography of Bombay - Naresh Fernandes(3/5)