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We recently saw a performance of STOMP and were very impressed by the show.

Stomp is a show where performers use everyday objects, often even trash, to create sound and music and beats and rhythm.  Needless to say, the beat is so good that they leave the audience enthralled... for a full 2 hours, and wanting for more.

In the show we saw, a cast of 6 dancers used everything from zippo cigarette lighters to matchboxes to discarded stainless steel kitchen sinks to plastic packets thrown away as trash to drum up a melody that was a sight to behold and music to the ears. The impression one leaves with is not just of having had a good time with a nice bunch of performers but also with total admiration for the creative juices that must be flowing in the bodies of the performers, the choreographers and the producers who brought the show to us.

So, is this a dance recital?  Not quite.  Dance-drama?  No way.  Music with orchestra?  Perhaps that’s the closest conventional definition that might fit the bill. 

For those who've seen Tap Dogs and liked it, go check this one out -- you oughta like this too.  See it when they're performing in a theatre near you.


MuseumsQuartier Wien, Vienna



September 25 2003.




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