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The Rolling Stones











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The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones were in HK about 10 days ago and played 2 live performances.  We went for the second of those, and it was an awesome experience!  Forget, for the moment, that these guys are pushing 60!  Forget too, that they've been around 40 years and still sing some of the same songs that they initially got famous for!  Forget also, that this was the last performance of the Forty Licks World Tour 2002-03.  Leave all those sentimental reasons aside.

The Rolling Stones still sound awesome!  And energetic!!  And the music is great, man!!!  Saint Mick began with Brown Sugar... believed to be his favourite number, and over the course of the next 1.5 hours, we heard, and rocked to some of their best music... including Honky Tonk Women, Satisfaction, It's only Rock 'n' Roll, Start Me Up, You Can't always get what you want (with a lot of audience participation).

Mick was jumping and prancing all over the stage... and beyond. He was at his energetic best, doing his spasmodic thingies (somewhat like NCR, now that i think of it!). The funny thing is he's got a small frame, and often gets lost in the largeness of the stage. It’s a good thing that there were 3 large, no wait, LARGE TV screens showing everything that was happening on stage. Another trivia is that he would change his shirt or jacket after almost every song... which was good because we were thus treated to a riot of colours... from psychedelic green to neon pink and shimmery gold to sleeveless red!

Final comment: If you plan to go and watch them live... you'd better do it soon. Another few years, and they might be on life-support and crutches...


HarbourFest, Tamar Site, Hong Kong



November 9, 2003.




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