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Good bye, Lenin!









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Good bye Lenin!

"Good bye Lenin!" is a German movie with English and Cantonese sub-titles (where we saw it).  The sub-titles are quite nice and interesting and often funny.  However, it is not a sub-title intensive movie.  Its a funny comedy with a storyline that is based on the life of a middle-aged lady, separated and mother of two, a dedicated albeit low level Party worker, who lives in East Berlin circa 1989... One fine evening, just before the events leading up to the fall of the Berlin wall, the lady has a heart attack and goes into a coma. When she comes out of the coma eight months later, its a different Germany... the east and west are unified now, the wall no longer exists, and the capitalist influx into the former east is in full flow. 

Under these circumstances, the doctors inform the lady's son that while they are allowed to take her home to further her convalescence, she should be spared any or all sudden shocks!  The movie is about the steps taken by her family to reconstruct her environment as if things were still as they were when she went into coma...

The film is funny all through, with interesting scenes that contrast life in the former east and west. Set in the backdrop of those tumultuous times, it utilises some of the footage we so avidly watched on TV ourselves when we were back in college.  All in all, nice and watchable movie.  No song and dance sequences though  :(


IFC Palace Cinema, IFC Mall, Hong Kong



November 16, 2003.




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