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The Gipsy Kings


















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The Gipsy Kings

We went to a Gipsy Kings concert last week!  I'm running out of superlatives even before I've begun writing - that should give you an idea of how good the concert was.  It was mind-blowingly, fantastically, superbly, fundoo-fundooly excellent!  It was easily the best open air concert that we've ever been to - great music, great sound, fantastic setting, lovely weather - all the elements that are required to make it an excellent experience were there in the right proportion at the right time and the right place for the right people.  Heh heh!!   Fandu fandu fandu!!!!!

The Gipsy Kings come from 2 gypsy families that are settled in the south of France.  Yes yes, I know you'll tell me that gypsy's don't settle. My response to that is... well, big deal!  This is about their music, OK, and not about which part of Europe their families were last spotted in. Anyway, these 2 gypsy families also happen to be related to each other. Even if they were not related in blood, I can tell you, they're related in the quality of music they produce - the passion in their voices, the strums of their acoustic guitars, the beats on their drums... its simply too good!  They must have played over 20 of their most famous numbers - both vocal and instrumental, and yet, the heart desired more.  More of all that wonderful sound that they seemed to make with such ease. And we were not the only people affected by the music! By the time they sang Bamboleo, about 20-odd girls from the audience could take it no more. They jumped on to the stage, and were swaying to the music in no time - enough incentive for the TV cameramen relaying the proceedings on the giant TV screens to make minor shifts to the focus of their powerful lenses.  By now, not only was it an audio treat, it was a visual treat too!!  Hee hee!!

My advice... go watch 'em.  If you can't do that, go hear 'em. 

Anyway, folks, to cut a wonderful story short, you can read more about the Gipsy Kings on their website (the link is on the left pane of this page), although I must warn you that the website is quite an uninteresting one.  But why read about them?  Just go to the nearest music store near you and get yourself a CD or two. 


HarbourFest, Tamar Site, Hong Kong



October 30, 2003.




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