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Jagjit Singh

Last Friday, we went to a Jagjit Singh concert. Jagjit is 61 now, but his voice is pristine as ever. Over a two and half hour period, he entertained the audience with numerous ghazals, geets, and hindi movie songs. But he kept the best for the last - the Punjabi number he sang at the end had the laid-back audience clapping to the beat!

He sings very well. The only problem with him is that he tends to be his own sound engineer too – which can soon tend to become very irritating. There must have been at least 10 occasions when he would, in the middle of a song, tell the engineer... "thoda voice mellow karo", or "tabla ko sharp karo", and so on. I have heard recordings of his live performances from the past, and observed this tendency of his, but it was quite annoying to hear such instructions in the middle of a ghazal in a real live show. In fact, it got to a point that I was seriously debating walking over to the Sound Engineer, pick up his gadget and console and carrying it over to the stage to place it right next to Jagjit's harmonium, and asking him to do the sharp/mellow thingie himself! Of course, I didn't do this even though my mind kept telling me to do it all the time. But there's one thing that I actually did because my mind was telling me to do it all the time. There was this middle-aged female troika sitting right in front of us who kept yakking away, often loudly enough to disturb vixabs. I tolerated them for about 45 minutes, during which time I even observed the husband of one of the females request his wife to speak softly, but obviously to no avail. Finally, I had to lean over and whisper in their collective ears - "Can you shut up please?" One female went absolutely quiet. Another one began giggling, albeit softly. But the third one, who appeared to be the leader of the pack, turned around and asked me if I could be polite. Huh!!?? I had to politely decline her request. Anyway, all in all, a fun evening was had by all.

He should have sung a few Ghalib ghazals, which he never did!


Jockey Club Auditorium, HK Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Hong Kong



October 17 2003.




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