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Ibrahim Ferrer & the Buena Vista Social Club

Sabs and I recently heard Ibrahim Ferrer sing at a concert... it was a wonderful experience. Ferrer, now running 77, was accompanied by the famous Buena Vista Social Club.

Ferrer was born in Santiago in Cuba and became famous before the revolution as an accomplished singer performing with the likes Benny More. The revolution and what followed wasn't as good for Ferrer's career though. Things became so bad that he was reduced to earning a living by polishing shoes.

Things changed in the 1990s when Ry Cooder and his son visited Cuba in search of these forgotten performers and literally hit upon a gold mine when they found Compay Segundo, Omara Portuondo, Ibrahim Ferrer and several others. This story is brilliantly captured in a Spanish/ English rockumentary called The Buena Vista Social Club.

Anyway, Ibrahim, dapper as ever in a cream suit sang some lilting melodies, and also regaled the audience with some foot tapping Latin numbers before moving on to his old favourites including Dos Gardenias and Perfume...

Very good voice, even better when live go see/ hear him.


Grand Hall, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), Harbour Road, Hong Kong



October 10 2003.




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